Ferrymead Heritage Park
Christchurch, New Zealand

The Tramway Historical Society Inc.

Type Double Decker Horse Tram.

In December 2009, No 10 visited the new tramway tracks in Cashel mall, where it ran for 7 days as ahorse tram following the official re-opening of the City Mall by Mayor Bob Parker. Photo: The Press, December 2009

No 91 pre restoration as found by the Society.

Parked outside Curragh House in Ferrymead Heritage Park. Photograther ?

In its role as a Horse Tram, No 10 was originally towed by horses. Photograph by Graeme Clephane.

Date Built 1894, by Boon and Stevens, Christchurch.
Written Off 1950
Acquired by THS 1965
From ? Good, Garlands Road, Christchurch
Restored Originally 1965-1968.

Built in 19894, this double decker horse tram has been restored to its original New Brighton Tramway Company livery.

This car was built locally by Boon and Stevens, and is a local copy of Double Decker Horse trams built by the famous New York tramcar builder, John Stephenson and Company, for use in Christchurch. (Double Decker number 64 is an original John Stevenson Double Decker horse tram).

in 1905, the tram was transferred to the Christchurch Tramway Board, renumbered 91, and had air brakes fitted.

The THS acquired it in 1965, and after initial restoration ran it on the Ferrymead Tramway from 1968 - 1975. A further restoration was carried out and the tram re-introduced to service on the Ferrymead Tramway in August 1982.

On the Ferrymead Tramway, No 10 is normally towed behind the Kitson steam Tram (see photos of the Kitson), or behind the electric trams such as Number 1 or 22. However, on special occasions, it has also been known to revert to traditional horse power, as it did when it visited the City Mall in December 2009 for 1 week's service.

Note: there are additional photographs of No 10 being used as a trailer associated with other collection ietms such as "Kitson".