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We are always on the hunt for more function ideas.
If you have a suggestion for a function that could be considered , please send it in!
Send it to: tracts@ferrymeadtramway.org.nz

This month’s social function is to be the Society’s annual review of Goals and Projects – particularly progress and priorities. And a chance for everyone to have input on these for the 12 months moving forwards.
If anyone needs a copy of the last Goals and Projects list, it can be downloaded from the home page ofthe Society’s web site “ferrymeadtramway.org.nz” – on the right had side of the home screen.
Venue: Ferrymead Lions building, start at 7:30pm on Wednesday 24th April.
Please bring $2 as a contribution towards supper.

Sadly we had to accept Evan Batchelor’s resignation from the role as Secretary of the THS, he has held the role for 3 years and has done a great job.
In the Interim, Callum Brieske is looking after the role until the AGM in August OR if we get a new candidate for the Role before then, please if you know of anyone that would be interested in the role at Secretary, Let them or anyone on the Management committee know. - Many Thanks!

Traffic Manager for the Ferrymead Tramway.

The traffic manager is responsible for ensuring the day to day operations of the Ferrymead Tramway run smoothly and safely. The Traffic Manager does not need to hold a tram drivers licence however would be an advantage. Please send expressions of interest to Jonathan Day at president@ferrymeadtramway.org.nz

Duties of the Ferrymead Tramway Traffic Manager: - Director of Operations. - Ensuring traffic staff are qualified and competent to carry out their designated duties. the ops committee will be working with the new traffic manager on a competency program for other duties (maintenance and infrastructure)) - Supervising tram operations and handling reported lapses in procedure by drivers. - Issuing THS specific Traffic Notices detailing new procedures. - Issuing special operating instructions for special events and notifying other officers. - Organising the crewing of the trams. (Currently handled by Phyllis our Roster Clark) - Coordinating with the Driver Trainer officer ( David Jones) regarding the training of drivers and conductors.

As reported in the last issue of Ferrymead Tram Tracts we have included a copy of the 2023-2024 Goals and Projects document. This was most recently reviewed and updated by Society members at the Society’s March 2023 general meeting, and after ratification of the updated document at the April Management Committee meeting, is being published with this issue of Tracts for all to read.

Recently things have become rather busy for me with Work and Family commitments. Im finding it a bit difficult to deal with tracts to get it out on time, since quite a bit of it is dealt with in the last week of the month.At present I spend approx 6-7 Evenings a month doing it. Let me know of you're interested, tracts@ferrymeadtramway.org.nz. Or Provide some content such as ‘What your working on behind the scenes’ or ‘My day on the tram’ etc etc. Alex

In order for the Society to keep up the good standard, it would be greatly appreciated any folks reading this could come along and spend a couple of hours on a Monday evening perhaps doing a bit of cleaning of one of the trams, or perhaps assist or learn about the tram maintenance and servicing. Or even just a bit of cleaning around the depot.

I'm not suggesting that we need to start new projects for the sake of it, but more to get people involved in keeping the existing fleet and facilities going into the future.

The evening concludes with a cuppa tea or coffee and a few biscuits!

Location: THS Trambarns
Time : 7.30pm – 9.30pm on Monday evenings.

These were e-mailed out in late December to all members and volunteers on our membership database – by e-mail to those with e-mail addresses, and posted to those - few – members (currently about 25) who are not on e-mail or who prefer communications to be by post. We have already received renewals from over 40% of our members.

However, if you have not received your membership renewal, or have lost it or cannot find it, or even if you want to join the Society as a member, please email membership@ferrymeadtramway.org.nz or the Society
by post or speak to one of the management committee.

The Society has been advised by its bank that cheques are being phased out, and that from June 2021, cheques will no longer be an acceptable method of payment. See Tracts for more information.

Please visit the Collections Policy page to download and read our updated policy document.

Dave Hinman has now received a supply of Hugh Ballment’s recent Tramway Atlas for sale, as advertised in previous issues of Tracts. At $60.00 plus $7.00 post and packing to any New Zealand address, this is a very good deal indeed. Some 25 copies have already been sold and Dave will be bringing more to the June General Meeting. This will be an excellent opportunity for those who are considering buying a copy to have a look and make their decision. It will also be a good chance to save on postage costs!

Graeme Stewart’s new book is currently also in publication, with arrival anticipated in mid-June. if it arrives in time, Society members will be able to collect their copies at the June Meeting too. This book is only available to those who have pre-ordered a copy.

Available front and orders to:
The Secretary
Tramway Historial Society
PO Bo 1126, Christchurch 8140
or secretary@ferrymeadtramway.org.nz

Formal work parties are held every third Saturday of the month and Alan Roi provides a cooked midday meal.
There are also activities every Saturday and on Monday evenings.

Our regular Work Days are not only a means of getting regular maintenance and infrastructure upgrades done around Ferrymead Park and along our tramway, they are a great means of getting together and sharing in a bit of camaraderie and banter. Alan also provides refreshments and a full cooked lunch for all who attend.

The Trolley Bus system generally operate runs on the first Sunday of each month and on event days. Trolley bus currently in operation is Wellington 103, but is hoped that Christchurch 210 and Dunedin 79 with both
return to service in the near future.

For more on Meetings and Work Parties, please click here.