Ferrymead Heritage Park
Christchurch, New Zealand

The Tramway Historical Society Inc.

Type California Combination 4 wheel car

Picture of No 1 in service early in Tramway Board days, before the winscreens were fitted. )THS Archives)

In box-car form prior to restoration. Photographer Dave Carr, Sep 1984

No 1 is shown above on the day she was recommissioned, 02/2002. Photographer unknown.

Interior of number 1 as restored. Photographer unknown.

Date Built 1905, by John Stephenson & Co, New York, USA
Written Off c 1948
Acquired by THS 1964
Restored 1994-2000; as - California Combination

Christchurch number 1 is the first member of the Christchurch Tramway Board's original electric tram fleet, and is 1 of 10 California Combination trams built for the Christchurch Tramway Board.

Numbers 1-5 were built by John Stephenson and Co, and 31-35 were built locally to the same design by Boon & Co of Christchurch.

Originally open ended, whindscreens were fitted within 2 years of entering service. Then between 1919 and 1921, all 10 cars were converted to enclosed box cars and rewired to run as coupled sets. Numbers 1 & 2 ran together as coupled sets from  1920.Number 1 was then converted to a trailer in 1944 (but no others were converted) and then ran as a trailer until it was withdrawn.


Number 1 was the first tram to arrive at the Ferrymead site in 1965, and stored on the Ferrymead House property adjacent to the old railway wharf until moved into the then new tram barn late in 1967.