Ferrymead Heritage Park
Christchurch, New Zealand

The Tramway Historical Society Inc.

Type Leyland (but see below)

Auckland Farmers #4 in storage in the Society's Tolley Bus Barn awaiting restoration. Photo: Stephen Taylor 4 Oct 2008

Date Built Entered service in Auckland with Farmers Trading Company in 1938
Written Off Withdrawn from service in 1967.
Acquired by THS
Restored In storage awaiting restoration

Four of these Trolley Buses were originally purchased by the Farmers Trading Company to run a shuttle service to transport customers to their Auckland Department Store. Later taken over by the Auckland Transport Board.

The following information is from Bradley Knewstubb's web-site - refer to the links page:

Make:  Leyland (but the Farmers trolleybuses are more likely to be the AEC 661T or AEC 663T, most likely the AEC 663T (due to the use of Metropolitan Vickers equipment) based on the "Renown" diesel bus. Refer to Bradley''s web site)
Bodywork:  DSC & Cousins
Electrical:  Metropolitan Vickers
Motor: 95 bhp Metropolitan Vickers 206A7
Controllers:  10 notch non automatic acceleration
Braking:  2-stage rheostatic braking and 7-stage regenerative braking
Seating Capacity:  Thirty Seven
Number Purchased: Four, numbers 1 & 3(?) are preserved by MOTAT, and 2 by WTM.