Ferrymead Heritage Park
Christchurch, New Zealand

The Tramway Historical Society Inc.


Coming Events


The Society’s next meeting will be held on Wednesday 16 May at 7:30PM in the Lions Building at Ferrymead Heritage Park. The guest speaker will be John Shanks, who will be providing a slideshow and a few stories to accompany. Supper will be provided afterwards at $2.00 per head. All Society members are encouraged to come along if they can make it.

The Annual conference of the Federation of Rail Organisations of New Zealand this year is in Wellington, over Queen’s Birthday Weekend (1-4 June), hosted by Steam Incorporated with the support of other local heritage groups. It will include a trip to the Wheelwright Shop in Gladstone, where Wellington ‘combination’ tram No. 17 is currently being restored. Bookings are now open and for full details please see https://www.fronz.org.nz/conferences

Updating from last month, details of the conference programme, the partners' programme and the postconference tour, together with a booking form, including discounted accommodation at the conference hotel (Seasons, in Pier Street) are now available from the COTMA web site - go to https://www.cotma.org.au/conference.html

Note: For the post conference tour, with a couple of exceptions, the price covers accommodation, transport and all attractions and tramway and railway travel. A discounted price will apply for those leaving the tour at Pinjarra on the Saturday afternoon to travel on the Australind to Perth so they can catch the east bound Indian Pacific the next day. "We have tried to fit in as many interesting destinations as possible as well as including as much rail travel through the bush and wild flower country as we can, and we think we have arranged an interesting blend of all of those things."

The Membership Secretary has now sent out your membership renewals for the 2018 year. As they areevery year, subscriptions cover the 2018 calendar year. Ifpaid prior to 28th February, a discount is available. Asusual, subs can be paid in cash, by cheque, credit card,or by direct credit to the Society’s bank account. This is also time to consider whether you may be in aposition to provide a donation towards one of the Society’s many projects.If you did not receive a membership renewal form – or you have misplaced it, please contact the MembershipSecretary (Phyllis) at membership@ferrymeadtramway.org.nz or by post to Box 1126, Christchurch 8140, or you can download a (new) membership form from the Society’s website. Once you have paid your annual membership, you will willalso receive the current year’s membership card which will provide you and immediate family with free entry to Ferrymead Heritage Park.

The next Society Work Day will be held on Saturday 17 February. All Society members are encouraged to come and lend a hand, even if for only part of the day.

Publication of the March 2018 issue of Tracts will begin at the end of February. In order to assist with this, I’d like to ask that all submissions (articles, photos, etc. for Tracts) are sent to me by no later than midnight on 21 February 2018 for inclusion. Further submissions can be sent to me after this date, however I won’t be able to guarantee that they will be included in that issue.

With the withdrawal of Vodafone's email service from November, those of you who use Vodafone,
paradise.net, clear.net, ihug.co., es.co, and a few others will be needing to move to a new service provider.
When you do please advise us. Send your new email address both to secretary@ferrymeadtramway.org.nz, and to membership@ferrymeadtramway.org.nz.

FERRYMEAD TRAMWAY 50 - 6 January 2018
(To be celebrated 50 years from the day that the first section of the Ferrymead Tramway was declared open, and steam tram operation began.)

Provisional Programme:
Saturday 6 January
Morning - final preparations - volunteers needed to assist!
Afternoon - (From) 1:00pm members and guests arrive
2:00pm - Welcome speeches and re-enactment of the original opening, including runs to and from the then terminus (Reserve gate)
2:50pm - afternoon tea in Tram Barn 1
3:15pm - 4:30pm - tram and trolley bus rides
Evening - meal and social gathering at Friendly Societies Lodge Hall, Ferrymead Township. This will
include a video presentation of the early days of THS, including the 6 January 1968 Opening. Costs to be advised.
Sunday 7 January
10:00am -4:30pm "Steam Sunday" at Ferrymead
Heritage Park. Will include 2 electric trams and trailers operating, and the tram sheds open and on display. Also trolley buses and trolley bus shed. All welcome.
There will be a formal invitation with updated details sent out separately to members and guests in early December. We have started identifying former members who will be added to our invitation list and still need help in naming and locating some.
Society work parties from now through to January will focus on tidying and preparing the site, buildings and vehicles for this event.
Hope to see many of you there joining us in this milestone celebration.

Please click here to download this document.

Formal work parties are held every third Saturday of the month and Alan Roi provides a cooked midday meal.
There are also activities every Saturday and on Monday evenings.

As noted in Graeme Belworthy’s editorial piece, the Society is continuing its regular Saturday Work Days with the goal of having our Ferrymead depot site cleaned up sufficiently for the COTMA Conference in October and the Membership Drive in November. With the Conference coinciding with the third Saturday of October—which would usually be our major Work Day, Alan Roi has informed that there will not be a formal Work Day this October as a result.

Our regular Work Days are not only a means of getting regular maintenance and infrastructure upgrades done around Ferrymead Park and along our tramway, they are a great means of getting together and sharing in a bit of camaraderie and banter. Alan also provides refreshments and a full cooked lunch for all who attend.

The Trolley Bus system generally operate runs on the first Sunday of each month and on event days. Trolley bus currently in operation is Wellington 103, but is hoped that Christchurch 210 and Dunedin 79 with both
return to service in the near future.

For more on Meetings and Work Parties, please click here.