FOR THE YEAR 2018/2019 - Version 13 - April 2018


This document lists the current goals & projects that have been identified by the Society which have since been provisionally prioritised for the next 12 months and is updated at least annually.  For some of these projects, a Convenor has been appointed by the Committee and often, other supporting members as well. It was last updated following a Society Meeting on 18th April 2018.


While it is a truism, it bears repeating that the only hands the Society has are your hands and that we need your active support if the projects set out on the list below are to be achieved.


This list will be maintained on an ongoing basis as a “living document”. It is intended that this document be made available to all members by publishing it on our web site. It is also expected that new goals and projects will be added (and completed) over time, and priorities change as dictated by the society membership.


Printed copies will be made available to members on request. In addition, the High priority Projects/Goals will be publicised in Tracts and the Society calls upon the membership for assistance and participation in achieving them.