FOR THE YEAR 2014/2015 – Version 9 – March 2014



This document lists the current goals & projects that have been identified by the Society which have since been provisionally prioritised for the next 12 months and is updated at least annually.  For some of these projects, a Convenor has been appointed by the Committee and often, other supporting members as well. It was last updated following a Society Meeting on 19th March 2014.


Where no Convenor is shown, that project/goal still needs a volunteer to make sure that it happens. As the priorities are agreed (and change), the list will be published in Tracts and put on the website and Society members will be invited to contact the Convenors of these projects and to volunteer support if they are interested and want to assist.


While it is a truism, it bears repeating that the only hands the Society has are your hands and that we need your active support if the projects set out on the list below are to be achieved.


This list will be maintained on an ongoing basis as a “living document”. It is intended that this document be made available to all members by publishing it on our web site. It is also expected that new goals and projects will be added (and completed) over time, and priorities change as dictated by the society membership.


Printed copies will be made available to members on request. In addition, the High priority Projects/Goals will be publicised in Tracts and the Society calls upon the membership for assistance and participation in achieving them.


It is further intended that the members of the Society have regular input to changes to this document, in particular the prioritising of Goals and Projects, and the addition of future projects.

The following table contains the High Priority Goals and Projects – which are to be the focus of the next 12 months.

# Group Prio rity

Goals/Projects Title/Description

Focus for next 12 months from March 2014

Team where appropriate

1 DspMF H

Addressing how the Society performs its museum functions – that is, collection policies and collection management – library and archives. (Museums Aotearoa, COTMA guidelines etc)

- Prioritize protection of all aspects of our history and its artefacts to enhance our heritage values without compromise.

- Consider collections management system eg past perfect - FT and NRM have it.

- Computer files - find and centralise

- Massey course - museum /collections management, PR, policy setting, special projects
Allen Harbrow

Russell Kent

Bruce Maffei

Ron Gillett
4 O/I H

Extend Traverser into carpark

Being done in conjunction with Traverser Pit Repairs – project 59.
Dave Carr John Atkinson
5 Maint H

Continue urgent upgrade of trolley bus overhead.

Note: ongoing activity, but some poles need back-staying.

Graeme Belworthy

Larry Day
Bus Ops Committee
7 PoC H

Build additional storage next to Trolley Bus Barn. (aka Trolley Bus Barn extension).

Agreed will go for a “totalspan” style kitset. Next step is fundraising

John Atkinson

Dave Hinman

Allen Harbrow

Dave Carr

Graeme Belworthy

Alan Roi

Steve Lea
9 Rest H

Cable car trailer 111.

There is interest in it going to Dunedin – initially for display purposes July 2013’ish
Don McAra  
13 SPH&S H

Hold further/ongoing membership drive(s).

- More of ongoing activity associated with other promotional activities rather than having specific membership drives

Graeme Belworthy

Allen Harbrow
14 Rest H Hills Car 24 Stephen Taylor

Jonathan Day (Controllers)

Murray Sanders (Motors)

HTT – Trucks
16 SPH&S H

Progress the Strategic Plan and Business Plan.

Continued work on long-term goals and planning.

Graeme Belworthy

Stephen Taylor

Dave Hinman

Allen Harbrow
20 SPH&S H

Address issues of the long-term sustainability of the Society.

- Membership

- People to fill positions

- Gain new people and talents

- Also see membership drive

Needs monthly review at Management Committee meetings.
THS Management Committee - ongoing  
21  PoC H Work towards getting the trambarn land THS Management Committee + Dave Carr (Trustee)  
22  O/I H Complete construction of the Munnings Drain Bridge, i.e. the construction of the historic lift bridge on to the basic structure provided by the Council. Graeme Richardson  
23a  Maint H Progress the repaint of 452. Allen Harbrow  
24  Maint H Progress the repair of the motor from 410. (Underway c/o Backhouse’s) Dave Carr Bus Ops Committee
25  Maint An assessment of the Kitson boiler and a strategy for boiler replacement.

Mike Lawson

Dave Carr


H Square shelter & Phone box John Atkinson

Barry Marchant

Graeme Richardson (phone box)
32  Maint H 22 refurbishment Operations Committee  
34  Rest H

103 Grip car restoration

– following 111 completion
Don McAra  
35  PoC H Sprinklers in tram barns for compliance etc – i.e. sort out building WoF

Stephen Taylor

Graeme Belworthy

41  PoC H Investigate acquisition of Cranmer building THS Management Committee  
47a  Maint Repaint of Dunedin 79 plus exterior refurbishment Alan Roi  
48  Maint Repairs to Trolleybus barn - ongoing Alan Roi Bus Ops Committee
50  Maint Repairs to point outside Livery Stable for track going into Hall of Wheels. Ken Henderson Graeme Belworthy
52  PoC McCormack Deering Tractor to be put under cover Dave Carr  
56  O/I Inspectors office adjacent to church Murray Sanders Dave Carr
57  PoC Tram Barn 3 project – complete fitout and ongoing monetary appeal THS Management Committee  
58  Maint Refurbishment/repainting exterior of trolley bus 210 - signwriting needs completing. Alan Roi Bus Ops Committee
59  Maint Traverser Pit Repairs (following EQ damage). See also goal 4 Dave Carr John Atkinson
60  Maint

Reserve Track Curve repairs (following EQ damage). To be done in two stages:

(a) Plan & design for this work – incl use of wooden vs concrete sleepers vs track im mass concrete,

(b) Executing the plan.
Ken Henderson  
61b  O/I Investigate acquisition of standard trailer 126 @ French Farm – now more urgent. THS Management Committee   
64  O/I H  Tram barn 1 exterior – mention of hinged doors, side walls, and drainage THS Management Committee   
65 Maint H Traverser Repairs and refurbishment – associated with items 4 & 59, the traverser also needs repairs    


1. There has been no effort to distinguish between Goals and Projects.

2. The list above is in no particular order and there is no significance in the numbering, other than to give each goal a unique number

Code Name Description
PoC Protection of Collection This group of Goals/Projects tend to be those relating to   storage (eg buildings) and protection (eg fire sprinklers) to enable out collection to be properly cared for.
Rest Restoration of Vehicles This group is primarily about restoration of vehicles – Trams, Buses, Trolley Buses
Maint Maintenance This group is Goals/Projects primarily associated with maintenance of our collection and infrastructure. It relates more to “major” heavy or capital maintenance items, rather than day-to-day maintenance.
SPH&S Society Promotion History & Sustainability This group of goals is primarily those around keeping the Society going, recording its history and promoting itself
DspMF Display & Museum Functions This group of Goals/Projects are more about the Society’s museum function
O/I Other/Independent These projects are those projects that do not fit into the other five catgories, and that can be progressed independently of other Society activities.
The following Goals and Projects are those not currently prioritised as High, and will be addressed in the next section of the web site.